The Italian and Spanish teachers have formed groups and are doing twinning sessions. The Spanish schools are working on different projects showing a remarkable progress in the use of the design programmes and the machines in the fablab.

C.P. Ablaña-La pereda (teachers Paola de la Peña and Inmaculada Argüelles) are working on an ecological garden for the school, and have designed devices to protect plants from the extreme weather conditions. They have also worked on plant pots for a vertical garden.

I.E.S Peñamayor (teachers Beatriz Álvarez and Isaac Montes) have been working on a Kamishibai, “Paper theatre”. They have seen its potential  to create stories on sustainability and use  them to raise awareness in the community.

Colegio Andolina (teacher Enrique Curiel) has been working on the design of t-shirts, making  serigraphy kits. They will start with the sustainability project on the 20th February session.

C.P.E.B Cabañaquinta (teachers José Ramón Álvarez and Cristina Martín) have been working on the design of a school logo and will start the sustainability proyect on the 19thFebruary.