From the 26th  February till the 2rd of March the teachers and partners of the Fablab schools EU project will come together in Italy, hosted by CSC Danilo Dolci in their office in Palermo.  The meeting will focus on the activities completed in the last 6 months: reflecting, discussing and sharing all stages of the design thinking model, and in particular the experiences of the twinning.

The overall theme will be the UN sustainable goal 11: “Sustainable Cities and Communities: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”, which will be common thread throughout the workshops, with the scientific input from the professor Rachel Smith (Aarhus university) and sharing of best practices by all teachers and partners. Furthermore, the agenda foresees a school visit to the local schools of the Italian teachers, and a workshop given by one of the Italian teachers on 3D computer modelling.

The meeting will give the opportunity to the teachers from different school and countries to exchange ideas and give each other advice. Finally it will also the moment to discuss the upcoming output: the manual on Educational Digital Fabrication.