Who am I? – A digital design art project

Title of the activity Who am I? – A digital design art project
Teachers/Schools/Country Simon Vibe Grevsen, Vejle Midtbyskole, Denmark
Age of the students 10-11 years
class 4th grade
Topic of the activity personal development and digital design
Description of the activity What was the assignment

Who are you? What do you know about yourself? What do others think about you? How do you look? What are your interests? How do you feel?
We’ll find out these things together – once the process has finished, you have made a 3-dimensional sculpture that describes you. Along the way you will learn different techniques on laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter.

What you learn about yourself, you should express in a 3-dimensional sculpture.
You must use at least 2 of the following technologies:
Laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter.
You have 5 x 3 lessons (+ 5 lessons to get to know the software)

Learning goals

You will get to know yourself better.

You will get to know your friends better.

You will learn how to use laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter.

You will learn to go from idea to analog design to digital fabrication

 & how did it go

I think the process has been a success, but it has been difficult. Working with who you are is an abstract process for students in the 4th grade.

Some reflections from students/teachers

You can easily use the course all the way up to the oldest students.

“It was very interesting to try to turn an idea from your head into a real thing.”(Student from 4.th grade)

“It was exciting to try to use at least two different technologies, and try to make them fit together.”(Student from 4.th grade)