Sustainability of life in cities and communities – Sustainable School

Title of the activity Sustainability of life in cities and communities – Sustainable School
Teachers/Schools/Country Italy: Artistic High School “V. Ragusa & O. Kyohara F. Parlatore”

Giuseppe Viola

Age of the students 15-18
Class Design and Architecture
Topic of the activity Sustainability and sustainable architecture
Description of the activity The activity started with research on the term “sustainability”. This was followed by an analysis of architectural examples of sustainable cities and spaces.

After the “fieldstudy” phase, the students used the information to have a brainstorm in which they could express their personal reflections and observations. In this phase, students could also come with ideas and the ideas where discussed in class, focusing especially on sustainable materials, construction technology and energy sources.

After coming up with the more concrete design ideas, the students made a Design of sustainable living space, both focusing on the space of the school as well as the furniture that could be inside of it. They used 2D and 3D CAD modeling with SKETCHUP software and afterwards the models will be fabricated in the FALAB@school laboratory.

The classes were an interesting learning process for the students, as they had to think and learn about sustainability. Besides their increasing knowledge of techniques and software, they also increased their awareness on topics such as sustainability.