Quotes and vinyl cut

Title of the activity Quotes and vinyl cut
Teachers/Schools/Country Nicolaj Balle, Sejs School in Silkeborg, Denmark
Age of the students 12-13
class handicrafts and design
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity At our school we just got a new PLC (pedagogical learning center). I due to get the PLC decorated, we decided in collaboration with Steven Hepple to “Celebrate the Words”. So, we want to decorate the PLC with text and words and in the same time inspire children to read, to keep on reading and to read even more.

So, I planned together with my colleague Ole Thomasen a course in our learning platform Meebook called “Quotes and vinyl cut”.

After introduction the students got their design brief:


Your project must contain
Software: Inkscape og Flexi10
Hardware: PC og vinyl cutter

  • You need hand drawings and text in your design
  • The project must address a specific target group
  • The project must be mounted at PLC
  • You must argue for all of your choices


  • Fabricate a hand drawn quote, that addresses your chosen target group.
  • EX. 6.th grade girls who likes soccer, or 4.th-6.th graders who likes fantasy.

How did it go:

The project went very well. The students have to master different computer programs, to make a good field study, and to reflect on their own work. They also get to realize that they need to work thoroughly to get a satisfying finish.