Personalized t-shirts

Title of the activity Personalized t-shirts
Teachers/Schools/Country Teachers: Enrique Curiel, Fernando Garoz

School: Colegio Andolina. Country: Spain

Age of the students 10-11
Class Primary School
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity The Andolina school (14 students in 7 groups) had the need to have some products to sell in a school market. They decided to do personalized T-shirts to sell them and get money for a school trip at the end of the course.

They began the work fabricating a serigraphy kit and creating the design for the T-shirts. The 2D designs for the T-shirts and for the serigraphy kits were made using Inkscape. The 3D designs for the hinges, bolts and other bits included in the serigraphy kits were made using TinkerCad. During the fabrication phase, the 3D pieces were printed and also were the pieces cut. Also the textile vinyl was cut with the school logo to be used as a stencil to do the printing on the t-shirts.

The students also worked on personal projects related to other school subjects. During the design phase they used software as Tinkercad and Inkscape. The projects were, for instance a demo of a cardboard house or a video game console also made in cardboard using the laser cutter.

They also made keyrings and table games.

After these few months working with these different projects we have noticed a great improvement using the didactic methodologies of the Fablab schools project. Also the use of the design software and the fabrication machines has greatly improved.