Motivate to read

Title of the activity Motivate to read
Teachers/Schools/Country Simon Vibe Grevsen, Vejle Midtbyskole, Denmark
Age of the students 4th grade and up.
class Language, Craft and Design, Art,
Topic of the activity Decorating the school library, to motivate other students to read more
Description of the activity The goal for the students is to learn to “read” a room and its functions, and come up with alternative ideas. To help discover and define a problem, and through a scaffold design process, to come up with their own version of an augmented solution.

After a field study at the school library and an ideation phase, the students will create a new way to look at and to use the library. You can either make the products that we ended up doing, or you can take your students through the whole process and see what designs and ideas YOUR students will come up with.