Logo design and products for the school

Title of the activity Logo design and products for the school
Teachers/Schools/Country Teachers: Cristina Martín, José Ramón Álvarez

School: C.P. E.B Cabañaquinta. Country: Spain

Age of the students 15-16
Class Secondary School
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity (9 students in 5 groups) made a project whose origin was the need to create a logotype to represent the school. They made a competition among the students, some finalist designs were chosen with the intention to produce them in different formats using the fablab machinery so they could then choose the final logo.

They brought the 2 final logos, which were modified using Inkscape. After making different versions of the logo in the design phase, they fabricated them in the fablab using the laser cutter to create key rings and coasters using board, methacrylate and rubber stamps.

After discussing it among the students, the school decided which logo they wanted. They made different products designed by students using Inkscape.

The products chosen and designed in the fablab were T-shirts (using textile vinyl for the logo), key rings, coasters and page markers using board and methacrylate made with the laser cutter. They also made a prototype to make customized products with the school logo.

In relation to sustainability, the group has decided to make a vertical garden with its own irrigation system to place it in one of the fences of the school garden. For this, they decided how the structure will be and they have been making prototypes of the irrigation system.

In addition, they have designed and manufactured a board game related to recycling with the final purpose that the students can teach elementary school children something more about sustainability.