Enhancing the value of a monument

Title of the activity “Enhancing the value of a monument”  
Teachers/Schools/Country Italy: Artistic High School “V. Ragusa & O. Kyohara F. Parlatore”

Loredana D’Ippolito, Cettina Di Noto, Renato Alessi

Age of the students 15-16
Class Italian, English, Design and CAD Lab.
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity “Around alleys and alleys: how to value  a minor monument”  is a project which  will make students  practice technical skills and learn something more about their city.

It is important for students to “know” the city where they live and its artistic, architectural and cultural heritage. Furthermore, it is a great challenge to discover how to value areas whose beauty is not recognized.

The students followed the phases of the design circle: they explored their city and, in pairs, they developed their Ideas from a stream of personal suggestions, from interviews with tourists and inhabitants and from observation of the sites.

The physical product of their work were 2D graphics (a tower shaped brochure for example), 3D Cad models, jewellery and gadgets, authentic expression of an undervalued  site and  the fruitful result of interactive design and teamwork,

The methods used are industrial, artisan, digital, or mixed.