A set of methodological principles for educational digital fabrication in schools

The participating teachers will test and implement the methodological principles they develop in cooperation with the partners during the workshops in their own school setting and through the class twinning.

During the school visits during the workshops, teachers will show fellow teachers how they perceive and use the shared principles.

During this phase teachers will share:

  1. methods through video based demonstrations
  2. short text based guidelines for implementing their methods (pedagogy and technology)

A manual on Education Digital Fabrication

Based on the experiences and insights gained from the exchange of experiences, and the development and testing of methodologies for educational digital fabrication, a Manual on Educational Digital Fabrication will be produced.

The manual will contain:

  1. Principles of educational digital fabrication
  2. A set of at least 10 teaching courses
  3. Descriptions of relevant fabrication tools
  4. Links to relevant sites and resources

The manual will be available both in print and digital format.

Policy recommendations on how to adapt FabLab approach and a common European strategy for Fablab education in schools

Based on the test periods and the development of principles and methodologies for using digital fabrication in education, the partners and participating teachers will formulate recommendations for how to adapt the Fablab technology and teaching methodology in schools. The partners will further develop recommendations for policy formulation based on their experience in this field.

Download the policy recommendations here: