A Manual on Teaching and Learning with Digital Fabrication

The manual is the outcome of a two-year process in which teachers from the different countries have participated in workshops and explored new methods and experiences within their own classrooms. Through a facilitated process of exploration, in-practice training experiences, twinning and constant evaluation done by Aarhus university, the methodological principles and teacher projects presented in this manual have been developed. The manual describes the tested approach, methodology and principles to design thinking and digital fabrication in education. Furthermore, it provides a set of inspirational projects, which were developed by the participating teachers over the course of the project.

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Lesson Plan

For all the projects presented in the manual, and even some extra ones, you can find here the detailed lesson plans. These lesson plans function as a blue print for using the design circle and digital fabrication in the class room. The lesson plans cover all phases of the design circle and indicate the age group, the time necessary to complete the project, materials necessary and learning goals (in general and for each lesson). Teachers can choose to follow the lesson plans closely, or can adapt them to the needs and specifics of their students. For more information about the experiences of the teachers and the results of each project, please look at the best practices section.