The final conference of the project FabLab Schools EU will take place on the 25th of October 2018, at the ITI “Vittorio Emanuele III” school in via Duca della Verdura 48, Palermo.

This event will mark end of a two-year collaboration of 5 partners in 4 European countries on the development of common methodological principles for digital fabrication education across Europe that starts as early as primary and secondary schools.  The project is co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships |School.

The focus of the conference will be the relevance of the 21st century skills, the innovation of the school system and the potential of FabLab technologies in relation to school education. The conference will also be the moment to present the methodical principles that have been developed and tested during the lifetime of the project by the teachers from different European countries. These teachers will also be present at the event, available to give their testimonies, respond to questions and to give hands-on workshops on how the methodology and the implementation can work in the classroom.

The conference is divided in two parts: the first part will contain presentations by partners of the project and a guest speaker. The second part will be characterized by hands-on workshops on the specific phases of the design circle to understand better the theory in practice. These workshops will be given by teachers who worked in the project and who will explain how to implement the use of design thinking and the potential of digital manufacturing technologies in the learning process in both primary and secondary schools.

The conference will also give room to a speaker of the local reality – such as PalermoScienza – who work to integrate the approaches of the FABLAB instruments in schools.

For those who cannot attend the conference in person, there will be the possibility to follow it through live streaming. Live coverage will be available on the FABLAB School EU Facebook page:

Final Conference FABLAB SCHOOLS EU

25 ottobre 2018 | ore 15.00

 I.T.I Vittorio Emanuele III – Via Duca della Verdura 48 – 90143, Palermo

Download here the full programme (in Italian)