Renewable energy

Title of the activity Renewable energy
Teachers/Schools/Country Netherlands: Theresialyceum

E. van Alphen (Technology&Design) & B. Jacobs(Physics)

Age of the students 14-15
Class Technology, Design, Physics
Topic of the activity Sustainability and energy
Description of the activity The end result of this lesson series is a device which will turn airflow into electric energy. The students will be shown an example of a device on which they have to make adaptions to make it their own. Based on theory learned during the physic lessons.

The students have been handed the design brief and they already finished their first milestone product for this project. For this milestone they had to make groups, write in their own words what is expected of them and based on provided literature browse the internet for possible solutions.

As a preparation for their milestone 2 product the students will be provided with feedback on milestone 1. They will get more information on energy transition and they will be guided through two brainstorm sessions (morphological box and synectics)