Leisure time object

Title of the activity Leisure time object
Teachers/Schools/Country Italy: Vittorio Emanuele II

Emma di Gaetano

Age of the students 15-16
Class Laboratorio di Informatica
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity In this project, students designed an object to be used in free or leisure time, suitable and adapted to the specific territory as well as to respond to youngsters’ specific needs. It was an opportunity for students who often use software applications to make a tangible object and to learn yet another approach of problem analysis to solution identification.

Students were asked to reflect upon a possible useful object, to be used in free time, that fits the needs of people and fits within a sustainable mind-set. They can get the inspiration from their personal environment: personal lives but also their physical environment such as the city. The field study consistrf of a need analysis and a study of waste-producing behaviour that is observable in the daily life of the students, as well as innovative easy-to-use objects made from sustainable materials. Within this project students could apply previously learned knowledge from geometry into tangible objects, shared and compared ideas and strategies in the different phases of the design, and developed simultaneously an growing awareness of sustainability, sustainable object and waste producing behaviour and consequently how to reduce it.

At the end of this project the students created a cardboard prototype container box for single slices of pizza suitable for take away, equipped with several layers and removable trays to facilitate consumption (street food) without producing waste.