Developing a Kamishibai

Title of the activity Developing a Kamishibai
Teachers/Schools/Country Teachers: Beatriz Álvarez Mendívil, Isaac Montes, Félix del Olmo.

School: I.E.S. Peñamayor. Country: Spain

Age of the students 14-15
Class Secondary School
Topic of the activity Sustainability
Description of the activity The I.E.S Peñamayor (10/11 students in in 4/5 groups) decided to start the project developing a Kamishibai. The kamishibai is a “paper theater” used to tell stories using blades of paper made of images and texts. The design of the kamishibai was made together with other departments within the school, so it could be made in the fablab and be able to use it in other subjects. They have seen the potential of this tool applied in the sustainability theme. The students can learn though the stories they make.

They started making the theater to hold the paper blades. Each student designed a theater, each with specific characteristics chosen by the students. After finishing the design phase some prototypes of each design were made in the Fablab, using paperboard. Once they were made they noticed some mistakes and they rectified them. After doing that, the final version was made. The machine used was the laser cutter.

They continued with the Kamishibai, in this case the final version using real scale. The students made different groups and designed the theater using established measures. After ending the design phase, they chose two of the designs and made them using the laser cutter. The material used was plywood.

The group has also been working on the generation of T-shirts and stickers with sustainability slogans using the vinyl cutter and the serigraphy. The end of the stickers is to place them in some places of the school to raise awareness among the rest of the students.