Palermo Souvenir

Title of the activity Palermo Souvenir
Teachers/Schools/Country Italy: Artistic High School “V. Ragusa & O. Kyohara F. Parlatore”

Giuseppa Viola

Age of the students 17-18
Class Design and Lab CAD & English
Topic of the activity
Description of the activity This project is based on the 7 Arab-Norman monuments of Palermo, declared by UNESCO as “World Heritage”. Students designed and produced a line of dedicated souvenirs, closely based on the architectural relief, and in faithful and proportionate scale of representation. In opposition to the widespread cheap, tacky and fake available souvenirs, this project proposes a high quality design which represent closely the city, highlighting its true value starting from the materials used to make the objects.

In the project, students have learned to study and analyze the city with its artistic and cultural heritage, learn to apply the techniques of relief and architectural representation CAD, as well as traditional laboratory techniques and innovative fab lab, 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC milling, for the direct or indirect realization of souvenirs that represent “the real city monuments”.

Student realize the prototype of the souvenir that can be replicated in a limited number or in series depending on the technique used: magnets, postcards, bookmarks, pop-ups, bags, t-shirts, or jewels. In the end the students argue for their choices, but also get feedback from the group and from tourists on the validity of their ideas and execution.